Women Empowerment

Increase dialogue and communication space for women. Establish a link between women and Governement. Increasing opportunities for women.

Capacity Building

Build awareness and impact of technology usage that accelerate women’s empowerment through events, workshops and bootcamps.

Digital Education

Creating Digital tools and platforms for offering “leapfrog” opportunities for women’s empowerment in economic, social, and technological aspects.

Dynamic Women

Our Causes

Popular Causes

Accessibility of Women in Technology

Latest estimates from the ITU suggest that women globally are 12% less likely than men to have internet access, and in least-developed countries this gender gap is estimated at 33%.

Accessibility to Higher Education

Only 2% of women have access to higher education and they still face major barriers to accessing resources.

Illiteracy of Women in Afghanistan

Over half the population lives below the poverty line and this hits women the hardest. Recent surveys reveal that 87% of Afghan women are illiterate.
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Our Mission

  • Dive Women and Girls into Technology trends, access them to ICT facilities, achieve their potential, and restrain their livelihood with Technology.
  • Digital education and providing occupation materials through our platform.
  • Increasing opportunities for women.
  • Enhancing social networks among Females and Government.

Our Vision

  • Transformation of Women and Girls from Participation to Digitalization.
  • Create an opportunity for women to establish a network among themselves.
  • Enhancing women’s capacity in technology through hosting Workshops, Trainings and Bootcamps.

How Can You Help?

Your donation will help us to enhance Women empowerment in Technology with education and emergency care.

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